About Ariane Rocher


Ariane is inspired by fashion, architecture, nature and colour. It is these fascinations, coupled with Ariane’s classical training in Paris, that have come to typify Ariane Rocher Jewellery; elegance, playfulness and a hint of childhood nostalgia. New collections each season use  bold colours and techniques, precious metals, diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones reflecting an independence of spirit.

Since the age of twelve, Ariane has been awe of the top French designers. Passion, naivety and determination inspired her to write to the celebrated Parisien jeweller, Boucheron. The trip of a lifetime ensued when he invited the young Ariane and her mother to Paris for lunch at the Ritz, followed by a tour of his workshop and diamond vaults.  This experience has continued to drive and inspire Ariane throughout her career, and certainly inspired her to embark on her University training in Paris. Here she studied both contemporary and classical techniques under renowned designers Benedict Aichelee, Sophie Hanagart and Brune Boyer. The hard work paid off and Ariane won awards for her final collections and gained extensive industry experience before launching Ariane Rocher Jewellery. The business is growing rapidly, with a loyal customer base stretching across Europe and as far as Dubai and America.

Ariane creates jewels to live your life with. Interactive, tactile and versatile pieces that are designed to be worn and added to, to complement your personality and to tell their own story.