Tips on Choosing the Right Ring Size

There are several ways to determine the correct size for your ring. If it is intended as a surprise for your partner, borrow a ring from her jewellery drawer. You can take it to a reputable high street jeweller and ask them to gauge the size — or you can send it to us to measure.

If you are choosing together, visit a reputable High Street jeweller who will measure your finger and advise you of the correct size. There really are no stead-fast fashion rules that apply when choosing rings, but when you are purchasing a diamond ring, the shape of the stone plays a big part in connection with the shape of your hand and length of fingers since the stone is the main attraction. When it comes to “fashion” rings the road is wide open, so have fun with it, but choose the right size in order to be comfortable.

A few points to remember when sizing:

  • Is your knuckle larger than the base of your finger?
  • Measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle to select a size in between the two.
  • When selecting a wide band, move up a size from your measurement, for width allowance.
  • All sizes listed are UK standard sizes. An average woman’s ring size is M and the average man’s ring size is about a S.
  • Your ring size will be about a half size larger on the hand you write with.
  • Please keep in mind that these are just guidlines in order to help you find the right size when in doubt.

Ring sizing tips:

Avoid measuring your size in the morning, or when your hands are cold; this will give you too small a size. The best time to measure your finger is in the warmth, later in the day. This will give you a snug fit that’s just right. If your measurement is in-between two sizes, always go larger. If you do get it wrong — don’t worry, we will resize your ring.

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