Question. Are the stones real?
Answer. Yes, all the stones that I source for my own designs as well as my customer’s bespoke pieces are all precious or semi-precious stones and diamonds.

Question. Are Ariane Rocher Jewellery diamonds all from a traceable source?
Answer. Yes, all my diamond dealers are registered with the Kimberley Diamond Agreement and are sourced ethically.

Question. Are chains included for necklaces?
Answer. Chains for all necklaces are inclusive.

Question. Are your designs exclusive to Ariane Rocher Jewellery? or can I buy them from other jewellers?
Answer. Please see our stockists list for where you can find Ariane Rocher Jewellery being sold.

Question. Can beauty products damage my jewels?
Answer. Pearls, turquoise and Lapis Lazulis are the main jewels to worry about regarding beauty products such as body cream, perfume and hair spray. If these beauty products are in constant contact with your pearls the pearls will die or dis-colour, so please be kind to your pearls!

Question. What are the twelve birthstones?
Answer. Modern Birthstones
Garnet (Deep Red)
Amethyst (Purple)
Aquamarine (Pale Blue)
Diamond (White, Clear)
Emerald (Green)
Pearl, Moonstone (White or Purple)
Ruby (Red)
Peridot, Sardonyx (Pale Green)
Sapphire (Deep Blue)
Opal, Tourmaline (Multi-color, Pink)
Yellow Tolpaz, Citrine (Yellow)
Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Tanzanite (Blue)

Traditional Birthstones
January (Garnet)
February (Amethyst)
March (Blood Stone, Jasper)
April (Diamond)
May (Emerald)
June (Turquoise, Pearl, Moonstone)
July (Ruby, Turquoise, Onyx)
August (Topaz)
September (Saphire)
October (Opal, Tourmaline)
November (Citrine, Pearl, Topaz)
December (Turquoise, Lapis Lazulie)

Question. Which gem stones represent which Wedding Anniversaries?
Answer. 1st Anniversary Gemstone – Freshwater Pearl
2nd Anniversary Gemstones – Rose Quartz and Garnet
3rd Anniversary Gemstone – Crystal
4th Anniversary Gemstones – Topaz and Amethyst
5th Anniversary Gemstone – Turquoise
6th Anniversary Gemstones – Garnet and Amethyst
7th Anniversary Gemstones – Onyx and Lapis Lazuli
8th Anniversary Gemstones – Multi-coloured Tourmaline and Aventurine
9th Anniversary Gemstones – Tigereye and Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary Gemstone – Black Onyx
11th Anniversary Gemstones – Turquoise and Hematite
12th Anniversary Gemstone – Agate
13th Anniversary Gemstones – Moonstone, Malachite and Citrine
14th Anniversary Gemstone – Moss Agate
15th Anniversary Gemstones – Ruby and Crystal



Question. I am a man and need help buying a gift for my girlfriend/ fiancé/ wife/ daughter/ mother (delete where applicable)! Can you help?
Answer. There is always someone to help you at Ariane Rocher Jewellery. Please call us on 07949 698039 between 10am and 5pm Mondays – Fridays. We will have a personal shopper to hand who will be able to help you with all your questions and if you don’t know what you are looking for then we will have lots of suggestions to inspire you in making your decision.

Question. I have never bought designer jewellery online – how can I be sure I’ll be happy with my purchase?
Answer. Rest assured that at Ariane Rocher Jewellery we take the greatest care in quality control and personal service. At all times through your online purchase journey you will be able to be in contact with one of our personal shoppers who will talk you through all you may need help with. Please also bare in mind that we use SAGE pay when you are ready to check out and pay for your items. SAGE pay is a secure and safe online payment service that offers worldwide secure payment processing.

Question. Do you do gifts for men?
Answer. Yes we have a very stylish mens collection which includes; cufflinks, rings, earings, money clips, letter openers and key rings.

Question. Can I come to your showroom and view the jewellery?
Answer. Please see our list of stockists for where to view Ariane Rocher Jewellery.

Question. How long do I have to wait for a special order product? How do I pay for it?
Answer. Anywhere between four to eight weeks. Depending on how complex the bespoke piece of jewellery is. For bespoke pieces you will need to pay a 50% deposit in advance. The difference will then need to be paid before postage of your finished piece.

Question. Will my items be boxed and wrapped?
Answer. Yes, we supply all our pieces in a bespoke box with beautiful Ariane Rocher Jewellery wrapping and branding. We can also add in a personalised message if you email us on: info@arianerocherjewellery.com or call us direct and tell us what you’d like to say.

Question. Is VAT charged online?
Answer. Yes VAT will be included online.

Question. Can I order from overseas?
Answer. Yes you can. Either order online through our website and one of our personal shoppers will be in touch with you to give you a quote on postage/delivery.

Question. How do gift vouchers work?
Answer. If you require gift vouchers then please click through our gift voucher button on our home page or email us directly on:info@arianerocherjewellery.com and purchase them directly with one of our personal shoppers.

Question. What is your returns policy?
Answer. Please click through to our returns page on the footer menu of our website for all details about our returns policy. Also see it detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

Question. How do I know what size to choose?
Answer. Please click through to our sizing page on the footer menu of our website for all our tips on ring sizing. If you need help with this please call our personal shopper line and someone would love to help you with figuring out the correct ring size. Please remember that if you get the sizing wrong it’s no problem for us to resize your ring for you as part of our service.

Question. How do I care for my jewellery?
Answer. Please click through to our jewellery care page on the footer menu of our website for all details about jewellery care.

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